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Thinking aloud…..

Posted: April 18, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Uncategorized

So… I have started teaching Human Resource Management to a new group of students – these are the two groups that I have briefly discussed before that have a video assessment as a component  of their overall assessment of the subject.

In a tutorial today the students were asking me  what I expected in the video assessment and although the criteria has been given to them, I thought it was an opportunity to conduct some informal research into their feelings about this part of the assessment. Out of 30 students only two said they were comfortable and confident recording a video. About half the group were completely opposed to it…the rest were fence sitters. I asked them why they felt this way and the majority of comments  included  ‘we dont know how to do it’  and ‘we dont like having to watch and hear ourselves’.

I asked if any of them Skyped, and yes most of them did, but they said it was just chatting with friends and it wasnt something that they were going to save and watch back. One student said…on Skype you are not being assessed by your Lecturer.

I have always thought that students did not like to do presentations in front of their peers…but they told me today that this was easier than making a video.  This is another wake up call as I always thought that the prospect of having to stand up in front of peers and  their Lecturer was terrifying for them, but if this group is indicitave of the generation ( and I would have to do a lot of further resaearch to establish this) it is not.

Again, it reinforces (informally,to me,without doing formal research) that this generation I am teaching are not really as confident with themselves and technology, as I thought they were.

So as educators have we missed something?

Our IT people are forging ahead with all sorts of technology that will make for better education, but will it?

I have no answers at this point – I keep threatening to do a PhD and maybe this could be a topic of interest.

I need to keep processing this information- I have to say being part of this trial, albeit on the non technical side, has been a great eye opener for me and all of the colleagues I discuss this with.

I will probably have more ramblings next week….stay tuned.