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Posted: April 23, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

My continued fascination that the Millenials I deal with are saying no to video has lead me to this piece of information.

….. 1 in 5 Millennials have posted a video of themselves online – more than three times that of any other age group. Engage camera-happy Millennials by putting them in the director’s chair. Call for employee-produced videos they can upload to your intranet or dedicated microsite.

So maybe I am dealing with the other 4 that do not post videos of themselves! Interesting.

  1. Bev says:

    This is a great discussion topic Scott, and you’ve included an interesting bit of research. Maybe the students could be given a ‘fun’ group video exercise as an ‘experiment’. This should give them more confidence when they are later asked to do an assessed project.

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