Another trial group

Posted: March 26, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

This week another lecturer asked if I would like to conduct a trial with her group of first year Communication students. They are about to do presentations for assessment and the lecturer thought  this would be an ideal time for them to use the video assessment app to do some presentation practice. After I explained what the trial was all about they all seemed very eager to participate. Good start!  We asked them to present anything they wanted individually or in groups and once finished we would watch the videos and give feedback. 

We uploaded a few of the videos to Moodle to test the time taken and it proved to be quite efficient. We still had to use the compression app before the Moodle upload.

The feedback from them was quite favourable out of 10 students 7 said they would like to use it for assessment and 3 said no. Again, like the other group, some of them were not comfortable in front of the camera.

Now for the really good news….I have had one student from my Rooms Division Management subject who wants to submit a video for a real live  assessment. We have spoken about the format I require for the video and the assessment criteria, so I am looking forward to this submission.

  1. Bronwyn L says:

    Fantastic! Persistence is paying off?

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