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Posted: March 12, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

On Friday we took the Gastronomy students on a field trip to Mc Laren Vale to get some ideas on wine and food matching for the event they have to do for final assessment which takes place very soon.

We visited Primo Estate where wines were paired with olives and olive oil, Penneys Hill for a two course lunch and wine matching and Oxenbury Estate for wine and cheese matching. The idea was for the students to use the mobile video app to collect data from the experts at these three venues to use for a tutorial activity. Once agin this group of students were very apprehensive about using video.  I assured them that the problems that we encountered last time were resolved and that we could slim the video and upload it to Moodle within a few minutes. This didnt excite them at all.

Still I perservered and started to do some interviews on video getting feedback from them about the tastings. Gradually they started to come around and they all either participated as an interviewer or interviewee. So not an ideal outcome but at least they could see the process from start to finish. 

I have been discussing the attitude towards this type of technology with colleagues who fall into the same ‘generation’ as these students (my colleagues are at the older end of the generation) and they have suggested that they, too, get overwhelmed by having so may different technologies introduced to them, so this sort of confirms my earlier thoughts about assumptions that anyone under the age of 30 will embrace all new technology. On the other hand my 2nd year students ( a few years younger)  who I trialled over past weeks have given very favourable feedback and get very excited as soon as they see the Ipads arrive in the classroom!  However none of them have taken up my offer of replacing one of their written assessments with a video assessment yet. I am meeting with them again this week so will see if this has changed.

In the meantime I will continue to use the app in tutorial sessions over the next couple of weeks with them and continue to collect feedback.

  1. Bev says:

    It’ll be interesting to read some of the feedback comments from participating students Scott, particularly to see the stats on which ones (via age group and experience) view the option of video assessment as a positive against those who see it as, maybe, “just another hurdle to jump”.

    Initial reticence may be due to lack of confidence using a different approach, and even within age groups there will be a ‘bell curve’ between early adopters and those less willing to try something different.

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