Taking the app on the road…

Posted: March 1, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

Not much to report this week, although Carolyn and I are currently working out what approach we are going to take with the trial we are doing next week with the gastronomy students. I mentioned in a previous post that we are going on a field trip to one of  the wine regions here in South Australia  and thought it would be an opportunity to test the app. We are heading off in the morning to McLaren Vale and will do a  tasting at Primo Estate followed by a tasting at Pennys Hill with a 2 course lunch matched with wines. We then move on to  Oxenberry Estate for a guided cheese and wine matching session and finally to Medlow Confectionery for something  sweet to end the day…..yes it is a tough job!   

I thought we could do some interviews with the students over the food and wine matching session to get some feedback from them about the exercise which can be shown in the following weeks lecture/tutorial. Or alternatively they can interview the Lecturers who are also on the field trip with them. They may even want to interview the winemaker.  These were  some of the students that were a bit anti video assessment when I first met with them, so I am hoping that this may change they way they feel about using this type of assessment.  First of all they will see that the ap can now be compressed and sent to moodle in a short space of time and taking the exercise outside of the classroom will demonstrate its mobility and  flexibility.

  1. Bronwyn L says:

    Sigh – oh all right.

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