Its working at last………!

Posted: February 22, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

This week I have loaded the Video Slimmer app on a number of Ipads for trialling with a group of students. These are the same students that were part of the trial where we couldnt send anything to Moodle as the videos were too big. I thought they would be less than enthusisatic about doing it again, but they were quite happy about it. In fact I got some feedback from my Manager that at a student rep meeting last week students from this group were talking about the concept of using the video assessment app very favourably…so thats good news.

So they:

  1. recorded their tutorial activity via the camera on the Ipad
  2. selected the video from the camera roll in the Video Slimmer app and compressed it
  3. selected the video in the video assessment app and sent it to Moodle.

It took a few minutes, but it worked and we were able to watch the videos on the big screen in the classroom. Of course the more outgoing students were keen to be on camera, but I encouraged others to present via other means, so we had numerous characters such as talking hands, Woody from Toy Story on the end of a pencil and a face drawn on a sheet of paper to convey the information.

I have been advised that I will be taking this group for Human Resources Management next term, so even though the trial will be over by then, I will be using the app for the presentations the students  have to do as part of their assessment. Now we know that we can have a window of around 4 minutes of recording this should work for this subject and the plus is that all video files go to the one spot in Moodle for me to assess.  So even though I would like the compression/loading  process to be quicker and all be part of the one app, we still have something that is now feasible to take into the classroom.

  1. That’s brilliant news, Scott! Great to hear of the positive response from the students, and that they were sharing it.

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