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A few ups and downs!

Posted: January 31, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

This week has proved to be somewhat challenging.   I took the devices loaded with apps into the class room for the first time. I am currently using the moodle testing site for this part of the trial. I realised that my students would not have user accounts for this moodle site, so I had a brainwave…or so I thought. I logged onto all of 11 devices as me. I then created a new assignment thinking that they could all submit to the same assignment. But of course every time a new video was submitted it wiped out the previous one. So another brain wave….I added 11 separate assignments – test group 1, test group 2…etc. This worked as they are all separate assignments and would not be copied over even though all students are logged on as me. 

The students had a tutorial session where they had to do a reading and then present their thoughts on a number of questions I had put forward. They were getting very creative and developing various techniques to present on the video. The videos were all about 5 minutes in length.  Once they finished they pressed submit. And then we waitied and we waited and we waited. It kept telling us to please wait, but we couldnt wait any longer and we finished the class.

Apart from the waiting the students were saying what a great idea it was to have such a simple way to record and submit a piece of work. So the app was a winner as far as these students were concerned. It was  also popular with  those who hate presenting in front of a group to do something that could showcase their learning without the fear of ‘stage fright’.

The other point that the students commented on positively was the overlay of instructions that are on the screen before they take the video, so they do not have to refer to any other information.

However, later that night I realised that these videos were not going to load at all.  So  I contacted Kien at brightcookie, who advised me that the videos would be too heavy to load as Ipods and Ipads record in HD and use around 100mb for 1 minute of video. So he suggested that we take the video, save it in the library and submit it that way to moodle, so it will be compressed.

I have been playing around with that today and have realised that, yes it does work, but only if the videos are less than 1 and a half minutes. And even this takes 5 minutes to load onto moodle. So from now the videos will have to be 1.5 minutes maximum. This is not ideal for assessment purposes, so this is an area that needs to be worked on. I have put the question to Kien, to see if we can work around this and make inmprovements. So I hope we have an answer to that question next week.

In the meantime I have met with Carolyn to discuss how we are going to introduce the video app to her  final year Gastronomy students. She is conducting a wine tasting with them this morning and I am going to work with the students who can use the video app to do their summary of the wines.


I have just finished with the wine tasting session with two groups and it did not go at all as planned. First of all one group of  students were anti on line assessment, however I sold the concept to them and they were willing to give it a try. They shot the videos giving feedback on two types of sparkling wine. One video loaded and was able to be viewed. The other video did not load at all. This happened to be with the students who were very anti online, so did not go down well at all.

They did not see any point in participating again unless it worked properly.

So I guess now it is over to brightcookie to see what can be done with the technology before we move forward with our testing.

Hopefully some positive news on that next week…….



Back for the New Year…….

Posted: January 24, 2013 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

It seems months ago since our last post, but in reality 6 weeks. So we are back on deck and looking forward to continuing the trial and reporting our results.

The good news is that all Ipads and Ipods now have the app loaded and have been tested by us so are ready to be given to students to actually use the mobile video assessment.

Many of my colleagues have been very interested in why I have 6 Ipads and 6 Ipods on my desk and when I have explained what I am doing a number of them have asked if they can also participate in the trial which I am very pleased about as it will generate more feedback. I just need to work out the logistics and figure out if I can work with their timetables etc.

I have also discussed the trial with a class of my students this week and they are keen to use the app in tutorials where they are required to create small presentations based on various case studies associated with the subject. I aim to start this next week, so hope to have some feedback to report.

I am also meeting with Carolyn next week to discuss where and when she is going to use the app for her students assessment.  I am looking forward to this as it will involve many different aspects of gastronomic practice…I hope to get to do some tastings also!

Back next week with more….

Happy Australia Day to you all!