And its a Merry Xmas from us…….

Posted: December 6, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

Not a lot to report this week as things are winding down for the Xmas break. We finish on Friday and wont be back until the 21st of January. I had a meeting with Leo this week to catch up and left the Ipod Itouches to have the apps loaded ready for the next two trial groups in the New Year. We discussed the feedback so far from the trial and agreed that the information collected has been interesting and has made us aware of some of the challenges students face by presenting them with something new. Our assumption that this generation are all completely techno savvy and have no problem adapting to new ways of doing things like assessment seems to be open for question. The app will allow us to address this as we now know that we have to give clear directions and instruction. The next groups will have the app, so will be interesting to see their reaction and results. The next 2 trial groups will be involved with food and wine preparation and service so lots of different material for video. I will be working on this trial with Carolyn, who is the lecturer for this subject which is called Professional Gastronomy Practice – commonly known as PGP.

Hope everyone has a good holiday break and I look forward to more blogging next year.

  1. Bronwyn L says:

    Looks like I’ve missed the boat wishing you a merry christmas, sorry about that!

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