More feedback….

Posted: December 2, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

This week we observed the second group of student videos. This group were also fairly nervous about the whole procss and had not used video assessment before. Having said this they were still quite keen and one student even advised me that he had undertaken an on line animation course in preparation to make his video.

They were really a mixed bag, and again reinforced to me that we need to make sure that when we use the app in the next 2 trial groups that we really need to include very specific directions in the overlay. 

A student who was not able to attend the group session came in yesterday and blew us away with what she had done. She had taken a simple, yet very creative approach using props that she had made for the presentation. This student is very shy and I am sure would not have been able to make such a powerful presentation if she had to do it face to face…or camera. She used her voice and the props to deliver the promotional message.

The best part of the video was the ‘presenter’ – a talking hamburger…constructed from felt, but including all ingredients!   The backdrops and other props were also very well done.

The sound and scripting needed a little work, but the idea was fantastic. A message to us that this tool can be very empowering.

I will try to upload this video next week so you can see what the reuslt was.


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