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The feedback has started……

Posted: November 23, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

We went to see the first group of Marketing students present their videos this week. These are the students using video without the app.  Presenting an assignment via a video was something new to all of these students and even though there was some resistance to this in the beginning they all participated and I have to say the results were quite impressive. Their brief was to create a sales promotion or commercial which formed part of a sales action plan.

Some of the feedback…. 

‘I was excited about it when I first heard about it as it would allow me to be imaginative and creative.’

‘ I was nervous, however it was a creative idea’

‘I was not sure if I could make a commercial very well using this technology, but I found it interesting to do it’

‘ I was worried and unsure of how to do it’

‘It sounded interesting’

When asked about difficulties that they experienced….

‘ It was difficult for everyone as many of us did not have the required techology’

‘ I am not an expert in using a computer and especially movie making’

‘Editing was hard – finding resources was difficult’

When asked if they would be happy to use video assessment again most students said yes. However a consistent message was that they needed more instruction on how to use equipment/edit/upload etc.  I guess we assumed that they had these skills already. It will be interesting when we trial the app as it will allow us to include instructions which will assist the students. Initially I thought these instructions did not have to be very technical but now we have had this feedback we will make sure that all the steps are very clear for them to follow.

I have been talking with Carolyn, a Lecturer who teaches Gastronomy within the Le Cordon Bleu program and she is very interested in being involved in the trial with the app. As all our classes have basically finished for the year we are going to introduce this to her students in January 2013. She has some great ideas of how we can trial the app with her groups and they  should be interesting as the assessments are all centred around food and wine and cooking and service! 

This week has been an interesting exercise and we will look forward to the second group (also without the app) next week.


Moving right along…..

Posted: November 16, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

This week we have received delivery of the Ipads for the trial and hopefully will be receiving the Itouches very soon. I am venturing into the Bright cookie office this afternoon so the app can be loaded onto them. There has been a development site created in Moodle for the trial and a Leo has added the plug in for uploading the video assessments. Next week the first group of  students will be presenting their first video assessments so we will be very interested to see how they found the process. This group are not using the app, the second group will be, so we will have feedback from both groups and be able to compare experiences. Bev and I made a video ourselves this week to see the good and bad of what the students may be experiencing. This was a very interesting experience for us as we had to become students for a while and we could actually see that the process is not as easy as we thought. We are going to show the trial student  group next week what we did and will have an unedited and edited version. The purpose of this was really to say to the students that something very simple can have a powerful message. We may post both next week for everyone to see….we used finger puppets and I am not sure if our message was powerful but it shows we are human! I did wonder why I kept morphing into an American accent when I was using the Panda finger puppet, Bev was Teddy but she sounded right!

we have lift off……

Posted: November 9, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback


Bev and I met with Leo and Catriona from Bright cookie this week to have our first real look at the app in action. It is now ready to load onto the devices we have ordered for the students  – we just need the devices to arrive so we can organise this. Hopefully they will be here early next week.  In the meantime we can load the app onto out own devices and start to experiment with it before we introduce it to the students. All very exciting to see this next stage of the trial come to life. Our next milestone is to get the students and  up and running with this project so we can start recording some feedback on the process.

Next week – all going well – we will be able to provide our feedback using the app and maybe even a sample video to share!

Moodling along……

Posted: November 2, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

We have had our collaborate session this week, so were able to update Bronwyn and Vlad on what we have been up to. The development of the video assement app is now complete – the packaging is being finalised today. This means we will be able to upload the app to the ipods and ipads (which should arrive next week also) and start demonstrating the app to the students. We are also hoping to meet with an instructional designer next week to discuss interactive possibilities using the app with the learning managament system (Moodle). So things are moving along. We will also be meeting with the second student group who will be participating in the trial and are hoping they are as eager as the first group. More from us next week…….