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Posted: October 25, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback
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Bev and I had a very interesting session with the first group of students who are undertaking the trial. They seem to be a very switched on group and eager to try the video app. Bev spoke to them about how to plan the presentation and gave them some tips about how to approach the task in a planned and creative way with story boards, sound and video footage. I followed up with some clips I found on YouTube and introduced them to the concept of using really simple but powerful techniques to get their message across.This included the use of finger, sock and shadow puppets. One of the students works in catering within a confidential government environment and thought there would be a problem with gathering video footage (interviews etc) to use in his presentation. We decided it probably would and so he thought representing the people he would have liked to interview with the puppet props would solve that problem. sock puppet

Angela also gave us some feedback after the session. The students were all very keen to use the app, but they thought that it was going to increase their workload. She explained to them that it doesnt have to be that way if they are organised, and the end result has the potential to be an exceptional piece of assessment. I had also suggested that we would like to video-interview them through the process to collect the data that we need for the trial. They were concerned about this being published publicly and being identified. I assured them that first of all the footage would only be seen by our colleagues and would be kept confidential ( no names would be used) and also that it was their choice to participate. If they were not comfortable we could collect the data by traditional paper and pencil or SurveyMonkey.

Here is one of the youtube videos that were used to get the students thinking creatively.

Here are Bev’s notes and template for creating a script and storyboard:

Scriptwriting for a short video

Storyboard template


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