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Posted: October 19, 2012 by Leo Gaggl in Weekly feedback
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This weeks entry is a short overview of our project from a technical perspective.

Mobile Assessment Workflow

Mobile Assessment - Workflow

The Teachers View (Moodle LMS)

The Teacher will be able to use the Moodle’s assignment module ( The assignment sub-type “Mobile Assignment” will be created as part of this project.
This new assignment sub-type will have an additional field that allows teachers to add/edit the assessment criteria. This assessment criteria is displayed on the screen when the student enters the Mobile Assignment trough their mobile device.

Uploaded assignments will be playable from the Moodle interface.

The Students View (Mobile App)

Here’s a few screenshot’s of some of the mobile user interface as seen by the student. On first use a Student will be asked to enter their Moodle user name and password

Mobile Assessment - Settings

After login the student will be presented with all of the Mobile assignments that that they have access to. When clicking on the chosen assignment the mobile app will display the assessment criteria as entered by the Teacher. After recording a video using the native video recording capabilities of each device (initially Apple iOS and Google Android will be supported) students will be able to review.

Recording screen

Mobile Assignment Record

Upload the video

Mobile Assessment - Upload

A similar app for usage with the Mahara e-Portfolio tool is already available (PortfolioUp).


The first workable versions of this app are expected to be available for testing in the first week of November 2012 to a selected group of students and teachers from TAFE SA North.

We would expect the first release of the mobile app to be available for download to from the Google Play and Apple iTunes App-stores in December 2012. The Moodle Assignment Sub-type and documentation will be made available by that time as well. The plugin will be made available under the same Open Source license as Moodle via a public GitHub repository.


We welcome any early feedback as well as any possible ideas to incorporate into this project. Please add a comment to this blog entry or contact the technical team directly via Brightcookie Contact.

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