Our second entry….

Posted: October 12, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

Here we are again with blog #2….

Last week Angela spoke to her marketing students as planned about being part of the video assessment trial and they were very keen to be involved.

willing and eager students ready to be involved with the trial

Bev and I are meeting with these students in class next week to discuss the various ways they could approach their assessment tasks via video so they can start preparing any scripts and props they might want to use. The student assessments  are due at the end of November, so we want to introduce them to the technology as soon as possible so they can get to work.  Bev and I met with Leo at brightcookie on Wednesday and he confirmed that the app will be ready to load onto the ipads and ipods by the end of October, so we are on track with that deadline. We are still waiting for the ipads and ipods to arrive, so will be chasing that order up next week if we dont receive it by then.

Leo is also going to start contributing to this blog next week to fill you all in on the progress of  the technical side of the trial …thats about all for this week so back next week with more news.




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