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And so we continue on the journey……

Posted: October 25, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback
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Bev and I had a very interesting session with the first group of students who are undertaking the trial. They seem to be a very switched on group and eager to try the video app. Bev spoke to them about how to plan the presentation and gave them some tips about how to approach the task in a planned and creative way with story boards, sound and video footage. I followed up with some clips I found on YouTube and introduced them to the concept of using really simple but powerful techniques to get their message across.This included the use of finger, sock and shadow puppets. One of the students works in catering within a confidential government environment and thought there would be a problem with gathering video footage (interviews etc) to use in his presentation. We decided it probably would and so he thought representing the people he would have liked to interview with the puppet props would solve that problem. sock puppet

Angela also gave us some feedback after the session. The students were all very keen to use the app, but they thought that it was going to increase their workload. She explained to them that it doesnt have to be that way if they are organised, and the end result has the potential to be an exceptional piece of assessment. I had also suggested that we would like to video-interview them through the process to collect the data that we need for the trial. They were concerned about this being published publicly and being identified. I assured them that first of all the footage would only be seen by our colleagues and would be kept confidential ( no names would be used) and also that it was their choice to participate. If they were not comfortable we could collect the data by traditional paper and pencil or SurveyMonkey.

Here is one of the youtube videos that were used to get the students thinking creatively.

Here are Bev’s notes and template for creating a script and storyboard:

Scriptwriting for a short video

Storyboard template


The Techie’s Overiew

Posted: October 19, 2012 by Leo Gaggl in Weekly feedback
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This weeks entry is a short overview of our project from a technical perspective.

Mobile Assessment Workflow

Mobile Assessment - Workflow

The Teachers View (Moodle LMS)

The Teacher will be able to use the Moodle’s assignment module ( The assignment sub-type “Mobile Assignment” will be created as part of this project.
This new assignment sub-type will have an additional field that allows teachers to add/edit the assessment criteria. This assessment criteria is displayed on the screen when the student enters the Mobile Assignment trough their mobile device.

Uploaded assignments will be playable from the Moodle interface.

The Students View (Mobile App)

Here’s a few screenshot’s of some of the mobile user interface as seen by the student. On first use a Student will be asked to enter their Moodle user name and password

Mobile Assessment - Settings

After login the student will be presented with all of the Mobile assignments that that they have access to. When clicking on the chosen assignment the mobile app will display the assessment criteria as entered by the Teacher. After recording a video using the native video recording capabilities of each device (initially Apple iOS and Google Android will be supported) students will be able to review.

Recording screen

Mobile Assignment Record

Upload the video

Mobile Assessment - Upload

A similar app for usage with the Mahara e-Portfolio tool is already available (PortfolioUp).


The first workable versions of this app are expected to be available for testing in the first week of November 2012 to a selected group of students and teachers from TAFE SA North.

We would expect the first release of the mobile app to be available for download to from the Google Play and Apple iTunes App-stores in December 2012. The Moodle Assignment Sub-type and documentation will be made available by that time as well. The plugin will be made available under the same Open Source license as Moodle via a public GitHub repository.


We welcome any early feedback as well as any possible ideas to incorporate into this project. Please add a comment to this blog entry or contact the technical team directly via Brightcookie Contact.

Here we are again……..

Posted: October 19, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

 This has been a fairly slow week as far as our part of the the trial is concerned. The class sessions that Bev and I were going to do have been shifted to next week. So nothing to report there. We are preparing for these sessions however and are taking in some ideas that the students may like to consider using in  their presentations. Bev has suggested story boards and is getting some examples ready for them to see.  I am going to speak to them about considering some alternative approaches. So we will see how creative they are.  We are expectantly waiting for our tablets to arrive so we can start the ball rolling. In the meantime we have to  be content looking at the image!

Our second entry….

Posted: October 12, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

Here we are again with blog #2….

Last week Angela spoke to her marketing students as planned about being part of the video assessment trial and they were very keen to be involved.

willing and eager students ready to be involved with the trial

Bev and I are meeting with these students in class next week to discuss the various ways they could approach their assessment tasks via video so they can start preparing any scripts and props they might want to use. The student assessments  are due at the end of November, so we want to introduce them to the technology as soon as possible so they can get to work.  Bev and I met with Leo at brightcookie on Wednesday and he confirmed that the app will be ready to load onto the ipads and ipods by the end of October, so we are on track with that deadline. We are still waiting for the ipads and ipods to arrive, so will be chasing that order up next week if we dont receive it by then.

Leo is also going to start contributing to this blog next week to fill you all in on the progress of  the technical side of the trial …thats about all for this week so back next week with more news.



Our first entry…..

Posted: October 2, 2012 by scottashleydwyer in Weekly feedback

I have started this blog to maintain a weekly report for the e learning trial that we have recently won funding for. I will be writing this blog, however I am not in this alone and my colleague Bev will also be supplying me with information, ideas and inspiration to keep me on track and to also keep you all informed as to the weekly activities and outcomes that are generated by the trial. 

A bit of history for those of you who are not familiar with what we are doing……

A number of months ago, Bev noticed an opportunity advertised by New Generation Technologies for Learning (NGTL) which is part of the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) E-learning Strategy.

They were calling for people who were interested in participating in a trial of new and emerging technology which would increase the VET sector capacity to facilitate new ways of learning with technology which would result in positive educational outcomes.

Bev had been speaking to  Brightcookie (now our partners in this trial), who were developing an app for video assessment which runs on ipad and ipod and plugs into Moodle which we currently use here at TAFE as an online platform for learning. It seemed to us that this was the type of assessment tool that may be of interest to be included in this trial so we completed the application….and to our delight we were advised that we hade been successful. 

So…here we are!

We have completed quite a lot of ground work over the past few weeks.

  • We had an initial project meeting with Brightcookie, where we discussed the logistics of the project and looked at the milestones that we need to achieve. It was decided at this meeting that we were going to have a further meeting with Catriona – the Brightcookie representative in the Perth office – when she is in Adelaide to discuss methodology as she is the expert in this area.
  • In the mean time we have met with the Lecturer, Angela, who has agreed to trial the app with her marketing students to discuss how we are going to introduce the concept to her students and to also confirm when the students assessments were due so we can start formalising our project plan 
  • We have also ordered the equipment that we need to conduct the trial – 6 Ipads and 6 Ipods, and have designed a survey instrument to use to collect our data.
  • Last week we had our Blackboard induction with the other successful fundees along with the NGTL team. It was interesting to hear from others who were also involved in the trial and what their projects were about.

This short potted history bring us up to date and this week.

  • We are waiting to hear back regarding a meeting time with Catriona to discuss methodolgy
  • We are also waiting  to hear the response from Angela’s marketing students when she asks for volunteers to participate in the trial.
  • I am also meeting later in the week with a research colleague who will assist to making sure that the survey instrument I have created is robust enough to collect the appropriiate data.

So….hope eveyone has a good week and I will be back next week with some more reporting on our e learning adventure!